Content Management is Key

I specialize in building websites from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3 but the best approach is to use a CMS (Content Management System) which makes it easier to maintain your website in the long run. I have experience with Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

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Web Development

When it comes to the latest coding trends... HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery and PHP are the way to go! Feel free to inquire about other languages if these won't achieve your project requirements.

I also take pride in design so I'll go to any length to provide you with the best look and feel for your site.

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Email Marketing

Are your email marketing strategies not getting you the results you desire? Don't hesistate to contact me so we can start working on your brand new campaigns!

I'll carry you over all the pitfalls of template design and coding methods so you can get the best results from your messages.

Mobile App Development

No matter where you go, you'll see someone on a smartphone or tablet device. If your mobile site doesn't quite quench your consumers thirst, then having a custom built app will do just the trick.

I develop apps with HTML(5), CSS(3) and jQuery Mobile but I have no problem using another language to give your app the functionality that it needs. Lets get started on your brand new mobile app today!

Other Skills

Even though I don't consider myself an expert at anything but web development
I've attained solid skills in the following areas.

  • Animation

    I enjoyed using Flash so much when it was popular for the web.... Sike, THANK GOD FOR HTML 5!

  • Audio Editing

    Audacity & Adobe Audition are my two favorite applications for editing audio so how about we get started with fixing some of your MP3 files.

  • Videography

    The one craft that I thought I would never be good at is shooting video... Looks like you the saying "practice makes perfect" is true!

  • Video Editing

    Some people say shooting video is the fun part but I REALLY REALLY love to edit. Aren't you glad you landed on my page now? Yeah I know!

  • Photography

    Have a special event coming up? Don't hesistate to contact me to take photos, I promise I won't bite and I'll even edit them for you. YAH!

  • Print

    Have a marvelous brochure or magazine idea that you wish would come to life? You've wasted enough time already so I think you should contact me NOW!

Contact Me

If you have any inquiries, questions or comments, please fill out the form to the side and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience!